We are Barrie’s choice for the best-used forklifts!

We specialize in the consulting and sales of forklifts to repairs and certifications.

We supply solutions to safeguard essential machinery and equipment, warehouse racks and building. Safety flexible barriers and Rack Guard protectors.

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Creating Inspiring Solutions

We Don’t Just Sell New & Used Forklifts, We Create Solutions. We Are Always Eager To Help Our Customers When It Comes To Material Handling Needs.

How Ordering Works?
Ordering your used forklift is just like any buying experience on the Internet.
Simply describe your preferences, options, attachments or choose your forklift through our ready to go models and enter your contact information.

  • The ordering process begins in our Studio where our Specialist figure-out what kind forklift do you need for your tasks, business, customize the appearance of your forklift, choose options and attachments. Then we give you the price.
  • We do not keep large areas of forklifts, we individually find its forklift for each client at the Auction and completely restore it for you at our factory shop in Barrie after that it will be shipped directly to your home or business. The client receives a remanufactured, fully certified and matched to his needs, machine.
  • To ensure the best delivery experience, please enter the requested contact and additional information. This will tell us where to ship your forklift for pickup and how to prepare your documents.
  • Your Delivery Experience Specialist will contact you once your order is confirmed to answer any questions you may have about paperwork on your future forklift, installing additional equipment, and delivery day logistics.

Trusted Partners

Working only with time-tested partners we create ideal solutions for our customers which allows us to build long-term relationships.

Every day we work really hard to reach the perfection and in our work the brands that we know and trust always help us.

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