We are a full-service integrator of complete materials handling systems and pallet racks safety solutions specialist in North America.
We provide supply chain solutions based on integrating strategy consulting and engineering.
Want to find out how our material handling solutions can improve your specific needs and e-fulfillment operation?

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Creating Inspiring Solutions

We Don’t Just Sell New & Used Forklifts, We Create Solutions. We Are Always Eager To Help Our Customers When It Comes To Material Handling Needs.

Our Firm

Supply Chain Consulting Firm

We are troubleshooter for your business.

Alterity Consulting provides comprehensive material handling systems integration. We design, implement and support custom warehouse, e-fulfillment software and automated material handling equipment solutions that improve service, reduce costs, increase profit and assure organizational alignment so you can make distribution a competitive advantage.

All organizations compete on differentiators other than price and prioritize increasing revenues, we will be decreasing your costs and solving all your problems at hand.

This requires from us ingenuity and imagination daily.

It’s hard to perceive problems from within, that is why we can help you uncover all potential of your business.

We are a Strategy Consulting Firm, the system integrator for all intralogistics solutions and a leading partner of automated storage solutions, pallet racks safety solutions and material handling systems. From receiving to shipping.

Our consulting team create strategies and optimize information technology processes that advantage to a lower total cost of ownership.

We’ll help you select the right systems and integrate them into your business in a way that speeds workflow, improves your productivity, cuts costs and increases profits.

Be an organization that in the future will change the world trade in the logistics and warehousing industry.

Be a company that stimulates the development of small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. Support young professionals, do everything that would make it easier for young people to evolve. Focusing on Work Safety, Health, and Happiness our staff and customers.

Our first priority is to simplify the work of small and medium-size companies.

We are focused on providing strategy and technology consulting services to retailers and distributors, E-commerce and third-party logistics companies. Create strategies and optimize information technology processes that advantage to a lower total cost of ownership.

We are a focus on Supply Chain Analysis, Implementation and Optimization Services, Problem Solve and Creates Innovative Solutions.

Our other priority is to build a business that will give a small company what they need – financial instruments, equipment, logistics and warehouse services, data collection, cross-border trade opportunities.

Our people are our greatest asset.
It is only with the passion and loyalty of our people that we can serve our clients.

We understand the importance of on-time delivery, competitive pricing and quality products, and we continually evaluate the vendors who supply our material handling systems, products and software.
To ensure we are providing excellent customer service, we working only with time-tested partners, we create ideal solutions for our customers which allows us to build long-term relationships.

Every day we work really hard to reach perfection and in our work the brands that we know and trust always help us.