We are:

– specialize in a Forklift Consulting, Selection, Inspections & Material Handling Equipment Consulting. Pre-owned Forklifts

– focused on Software Business Solutions Consulting, Business and Management Consulting, Optimization.

– Digital, IT, Software consulting; We will find the right IT, software solutions for you, make a consultation, test and implement.

– provide Warehouse consulting and e-commerce solutions for retailers, manufacturers, and distributors.

We would like to become your independent advisor, whom you can trust and who could tell you which product or solutions work the best for you!

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What can our company do for your business?

  • Working with you, we’ll help you uncover the hidden opportunities that exist in your facilities, it’s hard to perceive problems from within, that is why we can help you uncover all potential of your business. Accelerate time to market and reduce costs.
  • We’ll help you select the right systems and integrate them into your business in a way that speeds workflow, increases storage capacity, improves your warehouse productivity, cuts costs and increases profits.
  • In an era where a business is moving at the speed of light and your brand’s digital transformation needed to start yesterday, you need a partner that can help you to understand IT solutions and what you need that modernizing, automating and accelerating delivery.
  • Our consulting team create strategies and optimize information technology processes that advantage to a lower total cost of ownership.
  • While we are happy to sell a customer a single piece of equipment, the real value we offer you is our ability to analyze your operation and design a total solution customized to your unique needs.

What we do



We are providing a diverse range of automated material handling and warehouse solutions, consulting services, that support person working at the front lines of logistics and helps bring smiles to the faces of people.
We providing Digital & strategy consulting, implementation, optimization and warehouse design services.

Electric Pallet Jack Sales Event

Electric Pallet Trucks On Sale for $3,000!

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack, now $3,000

Very helpful for improving capacity across your supply chain, it’s a reliable solution that gets the job done with a 3,000 -5000 lb. load capacity can maneuver in tight spaces.
Increase your productivity during our used Electric Pallet Jack Sales Event!

Whether loading or unloading a trailer or moving loads around a warehouse the range of electric Walkie pallet trucks is designed to make the operator’s job as easy and comfortable as possible to ensure that the warehouse is as productive as possible.


Successful manufacturing excel due to the high quality, innovation and increasingly depends on having a supply chain focused on unique customer needs, regional features that are flexible, reliable, and economical. As a global consulting company for manufacturers, we understand your industry and the all your challenges you face.


Industrial production is one of the main areas of our specialization. Automation and the new technologies, such as robotics, allow an increase of efficiency in logistics.

We know how to help manufacturers optimize their processes to improve efficiencies, we can help you face your challenges, reduce costs, and optimize your supply chain strategy.


Retail and Warehouse

Retail is a Supply Chain that has incredibly complex and ever-evolving. In an over competitive market where your consumers have many options, retailers must continuously optimize their supply chains to meet increasing consumer requirements – balancing service and price.

Retail and Warehouse

Retail fulfillment solutions help retail distributors reach the highest levels of efficiency and client service. With custom made solutions adapted to match the industry needs, we provide the solutions to bring all of the elements together into seamless automated systems. Our goal is to support you in maximising the speed from reception of goods all the way to final delivery point.



The successful E-Commerce companies are the ones who provide a seamless user experience. E-commerce, omni-channels, and increasing return rates create a sophisticated environment in which excellent logistics prove to be a crucial competitive advantage.


Whether a large e-retailer, small e-retailer, or growing startup, our firm can meet your unit rapidity, seasonal peaks, storage capacities or percentage of line orders. Our solutions allow E-Commerce retailers to process orders, manage their inventory, handle returns, and more to ensure that best user experience.


Logistics and Wholesales

Third Party Logistics (3PL) companies are the go-to resource for providing flexible logistics and warehouse services, with their innovative capabilities and practical focus on service, influence the development of logistics like no other industry.

Logistics (3PL) and Wholesales

Optimize your processes and technology to ensure your distribution centers are running at peak achievement. Our technology design and solutions optimizes processes for receiving, storage, take away, refill, work-in-process storage, materials delivery, order packing, and truck loading.


Our Core Values

Advantages of cooperation with our company.


More than 14 years of experience in the supply of warehouse equipment, allows us to professionally offer our customers a wide range of services.

We are a strategy consulting firm focused on systems integration of automation solutions, providing Digital and strategy consulting, implementation, optimization and warehouse design services.

We can help you map the flow of goods, design custom distribution operations, select the right equipment, and take your operations to a higher level.

We bring an insider’s understanding with an outsider’s objectivity from each member of the company.

 We’ll find the right material handling solution for you.

Our Customers Say

“Was looking to buy a used forklift and wanted a second opinion. Found Maksym online and gave him a call. He met with me at the time he said, gave the machine a thorough inspection and a written report. As a mechanic myself I was very pleased and was able to negotiate a fair price for the unit and will have Maks do the repairs. Professional and knowledgeable! Highly recommend him.No man but feels more of a man in the world if he has but a bit of ground that he can call his own. However small it is on the surface, it is four thousand miles deep; and that is a very handsome property.”

DAVID CHILVERS - Aircon Services

Creating Inspiring Solutions

We Don’t Just Sell Forklifts, Material Handling or Warehouse Equipment, We Create Intralogistic Solutions for all your Warehouse and Material Handling Needs. We Are Always Eager To Help Our Customers When It Comes To Material Handling Needs.

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